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A Few Words About Us

First American Foods, Inc. is a shop-at-home food service. Our goal is to stand above the rest by providing the highest quality food products combined with world-class customer service, enabling families to realize a healthier, fuller and richer lifestyle.
We currently offer in-home order and delivery services to customers throughout Southern California. Call (855) FAFOODS · (855) 323-6637 NOW and discover the First American Foods difference today!

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Why Choose First American Foods?

Well for starters; Only the highest quality food items make it to our menu. We take great pride in carefully selecting the best of the best. First American Foods is the difference. From corn and grain fed Angus to USDA Prime and Top Choice Aged Beef, each and every cut is mouth-watering and always delicious.

Our Gourmet Menu includes Grade A free range poultry, sashimi grade seafood selections and Grade A natural seasonal vegetables. And you can always choose from our wonderful selection of gourmet prepared items that range from lasagnas & pastas to Jalapeño poppers, from Chicken Kiev to Marionberry Pie.
All of our food is vacuum sealed, portion controlled, tasty and delicious to the very last bite! We know you'll love our food and value our personalized service.
It may be easy to settle for less... but with FAF you get only THE BEST!

Commitment to Our Customers

First American Foods strives to provide excellent goods and services, and to promote Health and Wellness to today's discriminating consumer. Our Mission
is 100% Customer Satisfaction. Each and every associate in our organization embraces this essential directive and does their best to exceed expectations.

Let's be honest; during these tough economic times and in today's challenging marketplace, our customers are our livelihood. We are committed to helping guide our customers, to touching and changing lives... the First American Foods way.


We truly appreciate receiving feedback from our customers. Here are few excerpts from recent letters:

"First American Foods brings great food right to me. The quality of service is excellent and I really just can't say enough about the food!

Thank you for making my meals more tasty, and my life a little less stressful. :)


Julia H.
Orange, CA
"When my wife first approached me with the idea of having a majority of our family's food delivered (instead of going to Ralphs), I admit I was a little unsure. But after our 1st order arrived a few months back and I tasted that juicy prime filet, all my doubts literally evaporated. I could actually taste the difference in quality over the store bought meat!

As for value... let's just say I don't think Leslie and I will ever go back to the "old way' of grocery shopping again!

You've got a home full of happy campers here... keep up the good work.”
Anthony B.
Newport Coast, CA

"I just wanted you to know you've made my year. No more long trips to the store, no more confusion or wondering what I'm going to make... I'm just so happy I could kiss you!"

First American Foods, I LOVE YOU!

Alana S.
Garden Grove, CA